Lic. César Edmundo Villafranca y González


Through the 7th Public Brokerage firm of the State of Coahuila, with its appointee César Edmundo Villafranca y González, our firm offers the following services:

Under this faculty, the Public Broker, is invested with all the powers to certify in a Public Script or Deed, the chartering of any mercantile entities, as well as any other required acts, among others: mergers or modification of bylaws; contracts and agreements; and also, certify a series of acts. All the before mentioned, with identical faculties as the ones granted to a notary public.

The public broker is authorized to issue official appraisals in relation to any type of goods, services, rights and obligations.


Counseling for the elaboration of arbitration agreements, and as an arbiter for the resolution of disputes of mercantile nature, regarding the breach of any type of agreements, involving local or foreign parties.

The  Public Broker, is authorized to intervene in the exchange of proposals between two or more parties, with respect to any a good or service that could be offered whether in local or international markets; also to counsel the parties involved, in relation to the elaboration of the agreement that could be achieved, to equally protect their interests.

For more information in relation the function of the Public Broker, please visit the website: www.correduriapublica.gob.mx


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Lic. César Edmundo Villafranca y González